The influence of humans on nature is currently being discussed more than ever before. We seem to become successively aware that we humans, as the supposed "crowning glory of creation," are ultimately subordinate to nature. 

The Hamburg artist Björn Holzweg has been investigating this tension between man and nature for years, combining it with fictional and autobiographical aspects. His drawings, sculptures, and paintings make us aware of the paradox that although our human life is conditioned by "Mother Nature," we nevertheless occupy, domesticate, and exploit her seemingly without limit for our own purposes. Yet Holzweg's art is far from drawing a simple doomsday scenario. It escapes negative criticism with ironic-narrative or abstract-imaginary side glances as well as with self-reflexive observations of his own life reality as an internationally active artist, partly influenced by American subcultures. Holzweg's art, for example, also negotiates processes of urbanization as a playing field for art, culture, and individual development. 

Björn Holzweg has been represented in solo and group exhibitions by Affenfaust Gallery since 2012. His large-scale depictions of animals and nature adorn facades from Hamburg to Los Angeles, while art-interested Hamburgers should also be familiar with his redesigns of the harbor launch "Hanseat" or the Monopteros in Eppendorf's Hayns Park. 


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Pictures mainly Lucia Bartl- thank you ;)


Selected Exhibitions



-Hunter- Solo Exhibition

 Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt a.M.

-Mobilitas- Solo Exhibition

 Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg



-Keine große Sache- Group Exhibition

 Lindenau Festival, Leipzig

-Knotenpunkt Festival- International Group Exhibition

 Villa Salomon, Hamburg

-The Birds/ Die Vögel- Group Exhibition

 Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg



-Borderland- Group Exhibition

 Urbanica, Flensburg

-Tierleben- Solo Exhibition

 Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

-Knotenpunkt Festival- International Group Exhibition




-Apocalypse Now- Group Exhibition 

 Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

-Quellengalerie- Group Exhibition

 Wizeman, Stuttgart 



-Hands and Pants2- Group Exhibition

 Faultline Art Space, Oakland California

-Stone.Hill.Church- Solo Exhibition

 Paul Roosen Contemporary, Hamburg

-Make Peace let's Art- Group Exhibition 

 Warchild Art Festival, Hamburg



-Arts Program, Roller Coaster Installation

 Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

-Waterweek Festival

 Los Angeles, California

-Art Lab Munich

 Galerie Benjamin Eck, Munich



-Knotenpunkt in Leipzig

 Krudebude, Leipzig

-Amur- Solo Exhibition

 Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

-Knotenpunkt in Berlin- Group Exhibition

 Urban Spree, Berlin



-Zerberus- with Ki Yoon Ko and Elmar Lause

 Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg

-Art.Fair Cologne- with Affenfaust Galerie

 Koelnmesse, Cologne

-MenschTierWir- International Group Exhibition

 Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

-Widerkunst Festival- International Group Exhibition

 Holzmarkt, Berlin

-Group Exhibition

 Fonis Galerie, Düsseldorf



-Knotenpunkt Festival 2015- International Group Exhibition
  Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

-The daily mood of Björn Holzweg- Solo Exhibition
  Beinlich Contemporary, Bielefeld

-60 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg- Group Exhibition
  Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

-Neusicht Festival- International Group Exhibition
  Neubad, Luzern



-Knotenpunkt Festival 2014- International Group Exhibition
  Kolbenhof, Hamburg

-Millerntor Gallery- International Group Exhibition
  Millerntor Stadium, Hamburg

-Sherwood Forest- Solo Exhibition
  Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg



-Gumsenplü- with Nils Kasiske, Nils Knott, Patrick Farzar
  Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg

-Overtime- International Group Show
  Heliumcowboy Artspace, Hamburg